Tuesday, 13 January 2009

30 Days of Night

So I finally watched this on Saturday. On the whole I enjoyed it, nice and escapist be, because it's more straight forward gore than creepy mind-fuck it didn't even have to hiding under the covers (as a general rule I'm not a horror genre person, haunts me too long).

One thing really annoys me. No real spoilers as this is the concept of the film, but at the beginning it is the last day of sun before the 30 days of night that come with an Alaskan midwinter. I am aware these exist for plot reasons, but almost the whole of this scene setting annoyed me intensely.

Let us start with the most base, glaring issue. Simple celestial physics, the same the world over. There would be no 'final day of sun'. It wouldn't be anyone's idea of a day. The sun would peek over the horizon at mid day, decide against it then disappear again in a fleeting haze of orange glow.

This alone put my teeth on edge for the entire opening phase with everyone running around in the final long long hours of sun before it sank down for the last time in a month like some hibernating squirrel. The contents of these final hours however were equally frustrating however. The very final plans, the closing up of everything, the mass exodus of everyone who'd been fine with a month of less-than-an-hour-of-sun suddenly evacuating all at once, the idea that days shortening down to nothing at all somehow grounds every plane. I mean really, "I missed the last plane for a month"? Sure, I forgot planes can't fly in the dark.

All this boils down to is the idea of a town that goes from a normal days and normal activity before being plunged into a magical annual phenomena of not simply 30 days without sun, but rather 30 days of 4am, suspending it in a time bubble where everything is closed waiting for the sun to rise in three hours' time.

Once I got over this though? The body of the film is good fun.

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