Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Good day, bad day

So. I have been on a diet. That would be the gentle word for what I have been on anyway, being in reality a clinically monitered program replacing all food with goop. But here's the important bit - results! I have now been on the program eleven and a half weeks and have so far lost two stone eleven pounds (that's 39 pounds for the Merkins and 17.7 kilos to the Euros).

Now, these are nice numbers. I like them. But because I'm losing weight at such a rate I have been avoiding buying new clothes, given I will shrink out of them soon enough. But on Friday my work are whisking me away for the afternoon to the races on an all expenses paid do and, well, it was a new clothes moment. And you know what? That was the first time I remember where I picked up five things, and liked myself in all of them. Rare to like myself in even one! And I have gone from squeezed into a UK size 18, to comfortable in a UK size 14. So - GLEE! There may or may not be pictures of me in the nice size 14 dress after Friday, oh yes.

So that was the good day thing. The bad day thing? Coming home to a lovely letter that said "We are sorry, we buggered up your smear so we didn't get a result. So you need to get another one. GRATS!" Which was officially less good. Oh well!

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  1. Hurrah for sucessful clothes shopping! Did you enjoy the trip to the races?