Sunday, 30 August 2009

Goals update

Kitten visited, cuddled, chosen, coming home on the 13th of September. Her name is Lily. One more picture can be found at , beware potential diabetes!

The diet is coming along, 3st7 down so far. I have been cheating quite badly though, think it is getting harder to find the motivation now it's been four months. One month to go I think, will see how I feel.

One goal is simply scratched from the list - the ribbon business is impractical as I am simply not around enough to take delivery of stock and have no transport to go and pick it up from the depot if I miss a delivery. On which subject:

Learning to drive goal has been replaced with learning to ride goal - as I can afford to run a bike but car insurance in my area even for a corsa is an impressive £1400.

Getting there! Garden is looking wonderful too which makes me happy and makes me feel accomplished. There should be pictures of that sometime in the not too distant future.

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