Saturday, 5 September 2009

The disproportionate value of stuff

I am a materialistic person. Not in a grabby way I feel, but things and stuff make me happy. They do not have to be big or expensive, they do not have the be plasma televisions or sports cars or big diamonds, but purchases of nice good quality things please me, for a long time after their purchase as well, every time they are picked up or used or even dusted, I enjoy them, lining my nest with them like some courting bird.

Since buying my house I have not had much money spare. Bits here and there spent on projects and things, but I work a modest job and it does not leave huge sums sloshing about. As a result the majority of my household things were begged, borrowed, old, or bought from Ikea, and the idea was to systematically replace them with nice things one by one as presents or as and when I could afford a little treat.

In my kitchen is (or, not to ruin the plot, was) a shelf on which I kept the few 'replaced with nice things' items in my kitchen, a modest enough assortment of some hand made water glasses with little glass watermelon slices in and matching jug, two bone china mugs and a set of six etched wine glasses my Mum and her husband gave me for Christmas.

Friday while I was at work this shelf crashed from the wall. My nicest things in their little display spot where I could smile at them when I went past reduced to a couple of kilos of shattered glass (which of course had to be meticulously cleared up from all over the kitchen and hallway).

It is only stuff. Things. I feel like it says something unpleasant about me that I was not simply disappointed but really very in-tears upset. It is not so much a silver lining as a 'that could have been worse' but I am frantically glad this happened now instead of in three weeks time when my kitten would have been home alone - it looked like a bomb in a glass factory, if she had been in the kitchen when it fell she would have been horrifically injured, possibly killed, and even walking through that room after it fell she would probably have been badly hurt from the huge amount of glass on the floor. That would have been something to be in tears over. But indeed, here I am, a materialistic little person drinking out of her chipped Ikea mugs with snobbish distain and crying over broken trinkets.

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  1. What a shame. I think if you are anything like me, part of the upset is not only at the loss of nice stuff, but what it represents - gifts from family, things which you have carefully saved up for and chosen with care.

    I chipped a lovely little bowl I have and was very upset over it - not only because it's damaged, but also becasue it was something which I saved up and bought for myself to celebrate having reached a personal milestone - it was a visible reminder of all the hard work and deication I had put in, and the fact that I had succeeded. I could replace it, but the replacement would just be a nice bowl, it wouldn't have the same importance.

    So glad Kitten wasn't there to be hurt, though, and I hope you didn't hurt yourself clearing it up.