Monday, 12 October 2009

Well that was unexpected

I have a second cat.

Not on purpose per say. She is another Egyptian mau and she was advertised 4 weeks pregnant to a blue point Siamese. Worried that she would be taken on by a 'back yard breeder' who would let her have the kittens, flog them then drop her in a rescue centre I decided to take her.

So I now have a pregnant two year old bronze Egyptian Mau girl to go with my sixteen week old silver Egyptian Mau kitten. The new girl (Meeka is the name she came with, don't know if I'll keep it) is currently cowering in a terrified corner in my living room and has unfortunately thus far had attacks of diarrhea in the cat carrier and two in the corner of the living room. Much scrubbing later it stinks a little less but I'm really hoping it's just settling-in stress. She's only been here 24 hours.


  1. How is she doing now? (when are the kittens due?)

  2. Unfortunately she's not with me anymore. She turns out not to be pregnant (yey!) but has some behavioural and health issues I just can't deal with. For a start I'm not here most of the day! So she's with a breeder friend who has an outdoor cattery where she can hopefully relax a bit. She's completely unhandleable though and has a permanant runs and endless other problems. Poor girl.