Saturday, 28 January 2012

Shit that amuses us

We are not, in our house, what you might describe as up to date. We do not live on the bleeding edge of the internet. Thus, our household in-jokes generally originate from highly outdated internet memes and videos that people stopped laughing at in 2008. Here listed are some of our running jokes and their origin.

"You.." "You?!" "I totally don't remember your name" "I've lived here for like a year now, Karl!"
"I will not apologise for art."
"Do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness." "That's the sound of people drowning, Karl" "That is what forgiveness sounds like - screaming, and then silence"
"That hurt my feelings, now we're both in the wrong"
"Aww that's no fun" "This has become the norm for you Karl" "I'll have to try harder next time" "Please don't" "I feel like I've been issued a challenge here"

Almost every line in any of the Llamas with hats videos has potential to be a household meme. All too often, all too easily do we find ourselves reciting up to a whole episode.

Those crazy llamas!

You have a problem, I will solve it. Check out this beet, while the DJ revolves it.

Truly classic visual comedy from the Loading Ready Run team, needs to be watched to be appreciated.

End result is that any object that makes a 'beat' noise, gets turned over to make a noise on the other side on the cue "Ah!- revolve it."

'Gay Bacon and Sauce'
Epic Mealtime is another staple of ridiculous in-jokes. Current favourite is GAY BACON.

Although one can never turn their back on the eternal Big Mac SAUCE.

So. There are more. Many more. but that will do for now. We need to move a desk. Goodnight, sweethearts.

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