Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fus Ro Dah

Verity: ... complete pointless fuss.

Mat: Fus!

Together: FUS RO DAH!

Mat: Mostly I just like the word 'Fus'. Sounds good. Fus. FUS. Sounds like a real word. Fus.

Verity: Maybe it is a real word. Perhaps something Eastern European.

Mat: Wonder what it means.

Verity: Probably something really boring. Like 'cabbage'.

Mat: I don't know. Fitting 'cabbage' into one syllable is pretty impressive.

Verity: And then you have like, 'Dro Fus' or similar, meaning small cabbage, to mean brussel sprouts.

Mat: Or Fus Ro, for 'cabbage small', work the grammar the French way.

Verity: And then 'Dah' would be like... 'in a white wine sauce'.

Mat: .... that's a lot of meaning for a very short word.

Verity: So the whole shout means 'brussel sprouts in a white wine sauce'. "FUS RO DAH!" "Oh, go on then, I was getting a bit peckish."