Monday, 9 July 2012

An alarming realisation

A little context here (for once).

I use Chrome on my PC (desktop computer, as used for gaming and large-scale stuff) and Safari on my mac (laptop, used for travelling, and those days when getting out of bed or off the sofa is just... to hard). As a rule, I do not use IE. It is made of offal, and occasionally sacrifices the children of grieving widows. It is not a web browser to which I feel any great loyalty or companionship.

There is, however, an exception to this, a strange anachronism born of Google's unique quirks, which is to say, that multiple sign-in does not work on Blogger at all, nor properly on Google+.

I have three google IDs: a ID, used for any CQ related correspondance (AKA most email-related things); a ID, left over from old days when that domain meant something to me, and still attached to various legacy items, such as my G+ ID; and a address, used for my freelance work and, importantly, for my blogging. This blog.

The important point is that both Blogger and G+ use your 'primary login' when clicking links that use their services. So which, good people, which to have as my primary?, so I can use G+ links, or, so I can use Blogger? Or sign out and back in to each ID (not to mention re-signing-in to my address as a secondary sign in Every Damn Time) every time I want to use one or the other? No, that last option does not pander to my innate laziness. What to do, dear readers? What to do?

Simple. I keep Chrome, my main browser, logged in to as primary, with and as secondaries, so I can read my mail, and then, I in my sneakiness, I in my creative ways to be lazy, keep IE as a secondary brower. This, this is logged in to the address as primary ID and, in fact, only ID, allowing me to open what is essentially 'my Blogger program' in the form of IE, with Blogger as its homepage, existing only to blog.

Which extended preamble brings me, at last, to the reason, the gripe, for this post:

Dear god in Heaven, my blog looks like Hell under IE.

Seriously, where are my title fonts? Why is the text column too narrow? Why, infinate, blurry, cosmic deity of the unrepentantly atheistic, but who still want something to swear at when they're annoyed, does nothing work properly?

Hot damn I hate Internet Explorer.

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