Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The attraction of salad

While at the London Book Fair this year, I had the pleasure to talk to a bunch of the ladies from Ellora's Cave. They also gave me a big pile of books. For anyone who doesn't knew, Ellora's Cave publish utterly shameless porn. Yum!

A friend was visiting and, as if often the case when people visit, I attempted to foist books upon her, as I cannot read all the review copies I get, and would rather someone review it. So, I give away books to people who promise to post at least an Amazon review.

I hand her a two Ellora's Cave books, tell her what they are, at which point we do what any normal person would.

We open the books to random pages, and start reading passages of fuckery to one another in deadpan voices.

Important aside! To anyone out there, male or female, who writes erotica. Cunt, is not a sexy word. A reference to "her dripping cunt" in the middle of a sex scene does not evoke 'hot and visceral'. It makes me curl my lip in disgust and read something else.

Half an hour of childish giggling later, Carly, the friend, opens Tempting Demons to a random page.

Carly: Oh! This page doesn't have sex on.

Verity: ... really? What's happening.

Carly: Some chick eating a salad.

Verity: Awesome. Alright, you have can have these two, I'll read that one.

Cause I mean, really. Who doesn't love a good salad?

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