Monday, 9 July 2012

Cat-related high-horse

I trry to avoid getting on my high-horse.

This is part because I have the self-worth of a slug, and therefore struggle to get into the moral high-ground even when it is clearly mine, but also in part before people who declare possession of the said 'moral high ground' are largely amoral, sycophanic lice feasting on the corpses of fallen saviours far more virtuous than themselves, and being grouped with them them makes my stomach heave.

Occasionally, however, a cause is so simple, so clean and clear and unambiguous, that I can stand beside it, puff myself up, point at it, and declare;

this is a thing worth being enraged about. Be enraged, oh ye masses.

My ability to be socially responsible is thus expended. I am spent. Don't let it be in vain. Spread the word; tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the multitide about which you couldn't usualy give a shit.

Casual, thoughtless cruelty is beneath us. Don't let anyone, president or pauper, think their callous actions affect no one.

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