Sunday, 15 July 2012

Oh god, it burns.

Finally found the time to answer the lovely Devin Berglund's Buccaneer Blogfest questions (sorry they're late! Two of the three full-time staff of CQ are currently out of commission so I'm holding the fort. Badly.) I get to the question 'what do you like to write about?' and there is a strange cracking coming from the kitchen. My confusion lasts about two seconds, before being replaced by a facepalm and swearing.

Yes, in an example of grand failure of multitasking, the pasta I put on the boil an hour ago boiled dry, sizzling away quietly as it seared itself to the bottom of the plan.

As an extra bonus, filling a cleaned pan with new pasta and newly boiled water, I managed to pour said boiling water over my foot. More swearing ensued.


  1. Ouch. I hope you are okay. Your cooking skills sound similar to mine. People like us should just order take-out :)

  2. Ouch.
    My mum did that once - boiled water - forgot and then heard a loud popping. Took the pan off and the aluminium between the bottom of the pot and an the element had melted. It was liquid balls and went bouncing all over the kitchen, carpet, her... lucky she wore trainers because the liquid metal burned a massive hole in her shoes.
    Hope your work load is a little easier now. :)