Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The return of Dripping Cunt

A friend and I, discussing this quote from a previous House of Pixie post:
To anyone out there, male or female, who writes erotica. Cunt, is not a sexy word. A reference to "her dripping cunt" in the middle of a sex scene does not evoke 'hot and visceral'. It makes me curl my lip in disgust and read something else.
Trey: The word 'cunt' doesn't bother me. It's just 'enh'. The 'dripping' part does. WAUGH.

Verity: Really? Interesting! See, for me, 'dripping cunt'; bleugh, twitch. 'Juicy pussy'; gawf at the cheesey writing.

Trey: I have a visual mind. I hear 'cunt' and it doesn't bother me. Unless it's being used to describe the woman and not the woman's part. ;) But imagine what images come up with 'dripping cunt'. To me, 'juicy' doesn't describe sexual parts. It describes food.

Verity: Indeed!

Trey: I read 'juicy cunt' or 'juicy cock', and all I envision is Dolcett.
(Can't unsee now; you're welcome)"

Verity: Nah, I translate 'juicy' as 'food', too, tbh. Specifically, jello in a vagina-shaped mold.


  1. I have to say your blog titles took me by surprise!! I hate the C*** and I do agree with you that it is NOT a good word to use in Erotica! I came by for the bucaneer blogfest and got more than I bargained for! :) Newest follower and a CQ author :)

    1. Hi Jade! Yeah, it's a... urgh. Okay, I'm (outside my professional life) a crass individual in many ways, but SOME things? Some words? You don't use lightly. If you've ever seen it, Shaun of the Dead is a great example of how to use the C word well - it's used once in the whole movie, as ablaring siren that a character has no social grace at all and makes everyone around him uncomfortable.

      Sexy word? Nooooo.

    2. Adendum, I hope no one is TOO put off my blog as-a-whole by the title of this post, as it's *deriding* the use of this word, not encouraging it.

  2. I don't think so... a few of the YA authors might be a bit shocked :) lol. But it's a talking statement. And now that we're working together... well, I look forward to it!! :)